Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Dice Roll: Dramatis Personae

Welcome to the Art of Warhammer!

My name's Jordan and Ive been miniwargaming for 15 years. Ive done two year long stints with Games Workshop and am actively involved with different groups around the city (and have even started a small one of my own).  I am a 3rd year accounting major at MacEwan University and am otherwise interested in politics, physics and business of all types.

Rationale behind starting a blog:

Ive been told Im outspoken, blunt and harsh when it comes to criticizing the work of others. Im working on my tact, but I genuinely feel I have a lot to share. I take my knowledge for granted, which is such a waste. I like playing sharing in the hobby with like-minded individuals and while I realise mine isn't the only view point I feel I have enough to offer with respects to all facets of the hobby to warrant a blog.

Armies I own(ed):
-Chaos Space Marines
-Dark Eldar
-Dark Angels
-Sisters (sold)
-Orks (sold)
-Tyranids (sold)
-Daemons (sold)
-Space Marines (sold)
-Loganwing (sold)
-Death Company (sold)
-Grey Knights (sold)

I've owned a myriad of fantasy armies, nearly all of them. I do miss bits by the gram and being able to take your bonus in the form of 90% off your next purchase. I dont enjoy the fantasy ruleset anymore, that rant will be for another post. As you may have noticed, I have no love for the imperial guard, it could be my lack of military experience, but I simply cannot sit down and create a list that I like.

That brings me to list building, I write lists like people smoke cigarettes. Doing it is calming. Dont know why. However, it has given me some deep insight into the composition, tricks and pitfalls of proper list building. 

I plan on presenting lots of lists and list tricks, codex reviews, model reviews, battle/tournament reports, painting logs and general 40k hobby thoughts.

List O' the Day

Daemon Prince
-Nurgle, Wings, Armour, Black Mace

14 Chaos Space Marines
-Nurgle, 2 hand weapon, 2 meltaguns, Lightning Claw, Meltabomb

14 Chaos Space Marines
-Nurgle, 2 hand weapon, 2 meltaguns, Lightning Claw, Meltabomb

10 Cultists

10 Cultists

5 Spawn

5 Spawn



-Siege Shield


General tasks, the daemon prince is THE beatstick. Outside of Lysander and Draigo, this guy will mince anything and everything. He can either go all attack and mash units with his always wound on 2's AP2 mace at WS 9 or smashing for a respectable amount of str 10 hits. Reading the local facebook group, people are really not taken with this guy. I love him. I just wish the Kelly had just given them proper marks but fortunately for my them nurgle is the most viable upgrade giving himself shrouding so when hes swooping he has a 3+ cover save. He'll likely be knocked out of the sky but I plan on moving him to benefit from terrain so he keeps that save.

Him and the spawn form the flanking units. I really dont want the enemy to have easy access to my cultists and fiends so the deployment plan is to refuse flank with the two Marine blobs anchored by the vindicator in between with the two forgefiends as fire support.  The flanking units will be about a foot off to the side. Given the choice if I have to deploy first, I doubt my opponent will deploy anything valuable by the prince and spawns to be either mashed or tarpitted. This puts them across from the vindicator and marine blobs, likely he deployed deep in his own zone as to not be in range of the vindi.

Plan is always solid till dice hit the table!

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